Being More

The power, speed and methods of communication are changing fast, but the core principles of integrated strategic communications and implementation on which Harold Burson and Bill Marsteller founded our firm over 60 years ago have not changed.

At Burson-Marsteller Africa, we are committed to helping our clients succeed in Being More.

What does Being More mean to us?

  • Being confident in our ability to communicate with more people, in more places and through constantly changing communications channels
  • Delivering communications that are locally relevant and area-specific
  • Building dynamic partnerships between people, companies, governments, other organisations and the media
  • Finding new ways to communicate the stories of our clients
  • Understanding that communications is about people and that people pay attention to what matters to them

At Burson-Marsteller Africa, Being More is our promise to our clients and to each other – to exceed expectations today and constantly improve for tomorrow.